Ancestors from Ireland are based in Killarney, County Kerry. We are experts and passionate about genealogy. We run genealogy research business and specialise in tracing your ancestors. We have launched a new innovative tourism product whereby we train tourists to research their ancestors while they are in Ireland. Finding Irish Ancestry has become easier with the advancement of sources becoming freely available. Come and let about us and let us help you find your Irish ancestors.

The business was founded by Rachel Foley who has an interest in genealogy which spans 25 years and has worked as a professional genealogist for the last number of years. She has a keen interest in Irish history, culture, heritage and hails from a family with a strong tradition of history and genealogy. Irish Ancestry has always been a facination of mine, especially when you see how far the Irish as a nation have spread their wings.

Rachel has a natural interest in people and loves to trace the relations and connections between people. This interest she attributes to her native County Kerry which has a strong tradition of what the old people called ‘tracing’, this was the practice of being able to track generations of a family. This tradition has become a worldwide pastime.



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